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Principal Design were asked to design a the full range of products for a company based in Ipswich. Having been involved in the Kno-where project from the concept stage allowed a "designers" influence from the start of the software development. Creating the brand, designing the website and marketing material as well as designing the products interface and user interaction. Principal Design worked in a partnership with another sofwhere developer for during the development work to ensure smooth inegration with the two work streams.

Creating the brand was the first thing to be complete as the theme was then taken forward throughout the development of the software and website. When starting a project of this nature the end user is the first thing for the design team to consider as a product of this nature needs to intuitive.

Kno-Where is a consumer product that allows parents to see where their children are anytime and anywhere in the world! The brief was to create a brand that was consumer friendly whilst emphasizing the protection aspect of the product; Care had to be taken here as the client did not want the 'Big Brother, we are watching everything you do' aspect to influence over the benefits of the product that has a user control process that determines when the facility is being used. Principal Design's approached the branding aspect of this project by creating an icon that reflects the innocence of children and their desire to be protected by their parents, combined with the grown up core colour to bring across their desire for independence an and growing up.

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